Filters? What filters?

Filters? What filters?

My parents en route to their honeymoon in Puerto Rico in 1969.
My parents boarding a Pan Am flight to their honeymoon in 1969.

I took JR back home for a visit recently. I hope you get the Gilligan’s Island reference. As it turned out, the airport staff alarmed us for nothing. I found out when we landed from my rather annoyed brother, that our original flight had arrived on time and I didn’t need to freak out and get on a new plane after all. I would call it a waste of time except this story came out of it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the same treatment on the return flight home but JR was too tired to care.


Chilling in Chicago on a 3 hour tour – I mean layover. Got JR up at 2 am to rush to a 5am flight, which was immediately delayed and we were rescheduled through here instead of NC. I assume God isn’t too displeased with me after all because we wound up with an arrival delay of only an hour instead of the horror story they were promising.
If you’re thinking we did not get much sleep on the plane due to Mr. life of the Party, you are correct. We boarded early and got row 18. JR asked every person in 19 and up “Hi! What’s your name?” As they passed. Most of them answered although at least half weren’t thrilled about it. Some were suspicious.
When I fly alone I’m lucky if I can get a peanut outside of designated snack times even if I’m so hungry I have cramps, but they threw the whole kitchen at JR, dropping stuff on his tray every time they passed. Pringles, open bar apple juice, extra cookies, then two little meals in a bag for after landing. The flight attendants let him sit in the back and talk with them after the bathroom trip while I went back to my seat at JR’ request.

Time out. JR just asked the waitress with huge lips and gorgeous burgundy lipstick what color her mustache is.

Anyway, the landing was suddenly hard and bumpy after what had been a very smooth flight. JR yells out “Sorry everybody!”
Mike ( the guy across the aisle) was a big man who had been sleeping leaning forward into the seat in front of him for most of the flight with his head in his hands. I wasn’t sure till the end of he was sick or just tired.
JR was good about not bothering him until the wheels went down, then there was too much time to fill waiting to clear out. He said “Hi Mike” several times until Mike finally engaged in conversation. I won’t get into that because it’s kind of one note.
Skip to everyone saying “Bye JR” as they exited. High fives and smiles and ” have a nice trip”! With the exception of a few surly twenty somethings who apparently weren’t morning people.



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  1. Ha…now that I’ve seen him in action, I can just picture the whole thing. He is just that charming and cute that he will have whom ever he meets under his spell.

    Thanks …..nicely written.
    I know I read this before but worth a 2nd time.

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