I’d like every children’s hospital to have luxurious hot showers that envelope the body like a waterfall through high pressure aromatherapy shower heads with Turkish bath towels and massage therapists for the parents who sleep in bedside chairs for weeks, months, years.

me312 years of Catholic school prepared me for life as a Hindu, which I’ve been since my early twenties.

When I was younger there was a brief stint as a psychic hotline operator, which didn’t give me a clue that one day I would have a child who would be diagnosed with a brain tumor at 9 months old.

I started this as a way to work out ideas I have for other projects, but the purpose of existing on the internet is to interact with others, so feel free to comment.

I’m an esthetician and laser tech, child of the 70’s and 80’s word flasher – welcome to my trench coat.