Attitude Will Get You Everywhere

Attitude Will Get You Everywhere



I had to go to the mall to get the screen replaced on my iPhone which of course took two hours longer than it should have. There was a ( literally ) snot-nosed kid playing video games in the Apple store who wouldn’t answer JR when he said, “Hi!” so engagingly.

We wandered the mall in the interim. In Ann Taylor Loft he spontaneously proclaimed, “We need to buy something for Mom here.” You’re welcome, future woman who will not deserve him. A woman who turned out to be a special-ed teacher at a local high school over heard  and thought he was cute, so we exchanged a few words. As we chatted, something about the store’s dance music called to James, and it said to show this woman some moves.  “I’m gonna to hang out with you!” he informed her afterward. No such luck for the vivacious young woman in the kiosk who tried to engage JR, only to be rewarded with a curious stare. Bleach blond, pale skin, ruby lips, dressed in black from neck to toe, her appearance was confusingly at odds with her approach as far as he was concerned.

“Are you a ghost?” he asked. She took it almost in stride but overall better than the waitress with maroon lipstick, who got asked what color her mustache was.



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